French Two Piece Jilbabs

In today’s society, a woman who wears provocative clothing is considered to be beautiful and a woman who wears modest clothing (known as conservative in a negative connotation) is considered oppressed. This contradicts the ideology of free will. Similarly, society tells people not to judge the way a woman dresses yet when a woman chooses to  dress modestly, she is asked whether she is  being abused or forced to wear. These contradicting statements negatively affect many Muslim girls. Not only it bashes their religion but also their ability to be comfortable in what they wear, lowering self-esteem, confidence, to be comfortable in their own skin, and not to be judged for what they wear. Every time a Muslim girl wears niqab (cloth that covers a woman from head to toe only revealing the eyes), you will feel many stares, pity and judging eyes. Anas ibn Maalik (RAA) narrated that the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessing be upon him) said: “There will come upon the people a time when holding onto the religion will be like holding onto hot coal.”(Tirmidhi) Wearing certain type of clothes should not decide what type of of woman she is, if she is beautiful or not, if she is confident in her body or not, and her intellectual ability. Everyone is different with different cultural values, beliefs, and religions. Defining modest clothes as oppressive and provocative clothing as “beautiful, having free-will, feminism” is atrocious and blasphemy.